Budget Wine of the Week: Martini & Rossi Asti Champagne

MR_asti_champagne“Budget Wine of the Week” is a new weekly column written by Amy Murphy, founder of The Budget Mommy (www.thebudgetmommy.com)

My husband and I had a great day yesterday. It was my birthday, and he got a call out of the blue to start a job this week (he’s been unemployed for a LONG time.) We decided that it was time to celebrate, because these days, the only things we ever celebrate have to do with children being asleep with minimal fighting and the newly received Netflix DVD. We picked up Martini & Rossi Asti Champagne as a “splurge” (it runs anywhere from $10-$15,) and I loved it! I am not a dry champagne kind of girl. It’s sweet enough for me, but not so sweet that my husband won’t drink it. And for that price, it’s perfect for the small every day celebrations (kids are in bed and there was only one tantrum!) or for when you have company. It would also make a very yummy mixer for mimosas, so if you have any left over the next day, breakfast will be super yummy! Just make sure you don’t accidently put it in the sippy cup…

If you don’t like dry Champagne, look for the word Dolce on the label somewhere. It’s not always on the front, and it’s not always easy to find, but that will tell you that it’s sweet champagne. I have yet to meet a Dolce Champagne I didn’t like!

Amy is a full time mom and owner of the website The Budget Mommy (http://www.thebudgetmommy.com). As a lover of all things wine, she and her husband have gone to great lengths to drink the good stuff without going broke (well, more broke.) She likes wines that are not too dry but not too sweet. She spends her time blogging, saving the cat from being mauled by her sweet children, and ignoring her messy house. Wine helps with that…
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  1. BobbinsandBeans

    I love Asti but it’s not Champagne not by a looooong way. Not even the same grape, or made in the same country. Asti is Italian not French.

    If you want a wine made from the same grapes as Champagne that is a little sweeter on the palate then the words to look for are Demi Sec, there are some lovely Demi Sec Cavas (Spanish wine, made to the same method as champagne but a little rougher and approximately 1/8 the price) also worth a drink is the sublime Prosescco which is another Italian, best served very chilled or with peach juice to make the fabulous cocktail Bellinis.

    Cheer me dears!



  2. Karin

    I also like the Asti from Martini & Rossi.
    I also enjoy Lambrusco…they make it red or white…slightly bubbly, slightly sweet, always festive!!!

  3. Brandey

    This is great stuff….Olive Garden makes a drink with it called Venetian Sunset, its got pineapple and cherry juice in it, you can make it at home very easy and it is so good.

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