Kokomo Winery Sauvignon Blanc and “Iris” Cuvee

Kokomo-Wines-Sauvignon-Blanc-Dry-Creek-Valley-Timber-Crest-Vineyards-2009.0_b_e.wine_6326671_detailVintage: 2010 Sauvignon Blanc; 2007 Cuvee

Alcohol percentage: 14.5% Sauvignon Blanc, 14.5% Cuvee

Found at: The California Wine Club

Aruba…Jamacia…Oooh I wanna take ya….Bermuda….Bahamas…come on pretty Mama….Ladies! Were there any teenage girls in the 1980’s that were not obsessed with Tom Cruise and Cocktail? Speaking of cocktails…it’s that time again! I have to admit, the dog days of summer have gotten to me, so when Glenn the Fedex driver called to tell me he had my monthly wine shipment, I was ready to clear my schedule. I was delighted to find the Kokomo Sauv Blanc in this month’s shipment.

At first I was a little confused as to why this wine was named Kokomo. Anyone who has heard the Beach Boys tune knows that Kokomo is located off the Florida Keys, right? Wrong. It’s also a town in Indiana, and Kokomo Winery in Sonoma Valley is named after founder Erik Miller’s hometown of Kokomo, Indiana. I will say that this wine did not remind me at all of a mid-west town in a state I have never stepped foot in. It smelled tropical and fruity. I immediately started drifting back to my recent Bermuda vacation…thinking about that cute Cabana boy that insisted on bringing me a freshie as soon as my drink had 3 sips missing. I drank a lot of Sauv Blanc on the beach (sandwiched between Rum Swizzles), and I wish the bar served this particular wine! It would be perfect to drink on the beach. I am not a fan of oak, and this one is fermented in stainless steel and is soft and less acidic than other wines fermented in oak casks. It tasted sweet, yet balanced and the finish left me with thoughts of grass and citrus. Overall I think this wine is a score and would be the perfect compliment to our dinner of mako shark and corn on the cob. I am hiding out in the a/c tonight, as when I last checked the temp was 95 degrees!

Moving on to the next selection this month, we have Kokomo’s 2007 “Iris” Cuvee. Has anyone out there tried Cuvee before? The vineyards take the best of the best of a few different varieties and blend them into a fantastic selection. I did a little research and this particular wine is 30% Cab Sauv, 22% Zinfandel, 22% Merlot, 17 % Cabernet Franc, and 9% Petite Sirah. Fair and balanced if I do say. On the nose, this wine presents to me as big and grapey, and a little musty like it sat in someone’s cellar for just the right amount of time. I have to be honest; I wasn’t feeling like red when I cracked this bottle open, but that changed after sip number two. This wine has a slight, dry acidity as it slides down, but I can’t get those big, grapey thoughts out of my head. This wine is fun to drink and definitely the right choice to finish off the day.

Becky RT is a mother, wife, and a friend. She is married to Peter Pan and has two perfect sons; Buddy, age 16 and Mr. Pants, age 5. She enjoys multitasking, doing laundry, paying bills, keeping her boys focused and loading the dishwasher a certain way. She can wipe noses, pack lunches, vacuum and read her blackberry with the greatest of ease. Becky is currently the inventory manager for a wine distributor, but does not drink on the job. (ok, well, maybe every once in a while…)

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