Review: Pinot Evil Pinot Noir

Whining Down:

I believe the month of September is the MOST confusing month of the year. The children are sent back to school after 2 months of sporadic and unscheduled activity; plants and trees are desperately holding onto their last bits of green, while we admire the colorful beauty of their slow demise; people have less time for television yet new fall programming begins; and suddenly no one is supposed to wear white after Labor Day. Not to mention that the ‘sept’ of September stands for seven, while September is actually the 9th month of our calendar year. Then, to stir in some more chaos, my family celebrates four birthdays…one of which is a reoccurring 31st (this girl’s).

Now, I’ll let you in on a little secret…mommy birthdays can be very rewarding if you keep your interests simple, economical, accessible, and most importantly…known: LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU LIKE WINE! I’ve opened plenty of ‘you’re old as dirt’ birthday cards (most of which play some Pointer Sisters song) and felt as empty as the gift cardless envelope by the day’s end. Consumers (as in shoppers) need direction without being too specific. Gift givers like to feel original without having to think or go too far out of their way, and wine is a win with a silent ‘e’! When your interest/love/necessity for wine is understood, the bottles will come pouring in, and the increasing 2-digit tally won’t sting so badly. AND, after opening a few, your gifters won’t be so confused by the “3” and “1” candles on your cake…again!

As a mother of three little monkeys, I received the Pinot Evil Pinot Noir as a gift and thought it would be fun to review as both a consumer and a consumer…confusing, isn’t it?!

PinotEvilPinotNoirVineyard: Corsica, France

Year: unknown (dun, dun, DUN!!!)

Alc: 12.5%

Price: $7.99 USD

Prescription: “I’ve got three birthday gifts to purchase, and I need to come up with something witty, inexpensive, and sharable.”

At the purchase price of $7.99 (so I was told), I knew that I was getting into a budget wine, and didn’t expect to be blown away. The “Pinot Evil” name and silly label got my attention and sparked an interest. Also interesting is that the Pinot Evil Pinot Noir is available in a 3 liter box!

See Jane see: The color is a light, cherry red.

See Jane Swirl: Legs are moderately thick and move rather quickly. Think Bette Midler.

See Jane Smell: A light cherry to cranberry bouquet.

See Jane Sip: I tasted cherry and very subtle hints of spice.

See Jane Swallow: Soft and under-powering with a quick finish.

Rating: As a drinking consumer, I would rate this a 2.5 out of 5; as a buying consumer, a 3 out of 5 “kids driving me to drink this” worthy.

Pairing: with that birthday cake and those candle nubs that seem to decrease in shape, but maintain the same numeric value… but NOT for the wine connoisseur.


Janna is a professional parent of three girls ages 6, 4, and 1. Prior to earning an income of macaroni necklaces and bead bracelets, she was a teacher and field hockey coach. She was also employed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board where her love for wine was uncorked. She knows enough about wine to differentiate between a cheap price tag and a great buy, but there is so much more she wants to learn. Janna loves Facebook, reality TV, reading, baking, and dancing. She will also rip off her left arm rather than miss a Girls Night Out.
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  1. Stacy Keller

    Pinot Evil also comes in a BOX! My sister tied to “poison” me with this after she an out of good wine-overall not too terrible!

  2. Judi Painted it

    Good to know.

    I will have to go back and read past reviews…

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