Budget Wine Review: Cupcake Prosecco

Country: Italy

Type: Prosecco

Average Retail Price: $9.99 USD

Taste (1 = yucky 10=yummy): 8

Snobby Wine Words: Less fruity than your average prosecco, this should satisfy your basic bubbly needs this Holiday season.

Drink When: You want to celebrate, on a budget, without feeling like you are celebrating on a budget.


And so, the year draws to a close and a harried mother’s mind turns to one thing: bubbly. But in these trying economic times, how can a lady on a budget justify filling her champagne flute when her kids are wearing clothes two sizes too small, her husband is forced to walk seven miles to work, and even the dog is working night shifts as a bartender to help make ends meet? What are you, Mark Zuckerberg? Oprah? Kate Middleton? Hardly. When your “yacht” is an inner tube at the local water park, your “limo” is public transportation, and your “mansion” is a third floor walkup above the 7-11, actual French champagne can be seem as elusive as a stateroom on the Queen Mary II.

Thankfully, we “real folk” have alternatives to the fancy-pants stuff from the land of cheese and Poodles, among them California sparkling wine, Spanish cava, and Italian prosecco.

Prosecco is notoriously fruity, as opposed to dry like champagne, so if you’re having the Queen over for your New Year’s festivities, as you do, she won’t be fooled. But if you just want to impress your friends with something fizzy and Continental, prosecco is your pal. And for ten smackers, you could do a whole lot worse than the Cupcake brand. I’m not a fan of overly fruity wines that make me feel like they should be served in a coconut shell with a paper umbrella sticking out, so I like Cupcake prosecco. I feel like I’m drinking something special, rather than something the Italians tossed over here with a grunt and a smirk. Your less wine knowledgeable friends probably won’t even know this isn’t French champagne.

And, since this wine runs drier than most other proseccos, it’ll go well mixed with orange juice for those mimosas you act like you drink because it’s a classy thing to do and not because you need hair-of-the-dog in the morning.

So, fill up your $4 plastic Ikea flutes with some $10 Cupcake Prosecco, and here’s to a wine-full and whine-free 2012 for all of us!

P.S. Here is some free advice, too: chilling wine can kill the flavor, so instead of putting bubbly in the fridge I suggest putting your glasses in the freezer – and keeping the wine at room temperature or just below – for about 10 minutes before serving this or any white wine. You’re welcome.

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Meredith Lopez is a stay-at-home writer and mother. In addition to reviewing budget wines for Moms Who Need Wine she drinks and complains over at her blog, Grey Skies, and has a historical urban fantasy novel-in-progress.

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