Review: Rosso Piceno Superiore Monteprandone

Whining Down:

One week into the New Year, and I’m feeling like a failure in the ‘resolutions’ department. I believe circumstances are partially to blame (how the heck can you turn down homemade peanut butter cups for breakfast), but I also fault phrasing. By definition, ‘resolution’ means a firm pronouncement to do or not to do something. I am capable of making solid decisions, and I am extremely qualified to make firm decisions on behalf of my children. However, to definitively say that I will cut back on peanut butter cups or wine or watching “The Real Housewives” is ludicrous. Just the idea that I can’t have or do something only makes me want it more! I decided to tweak the whole ‘resolution’ thing into something I can get on board with: ‘alignment’.

An alignment is a process of adjusting pieces so that everything is working in a line or in a proper relative position. In other words, balance. I love wine, and I absolutely need it, so I thought that rather than give any of it up, I’d align it with my goals for 2012: everything in moderation …except laughter, love, and presence. I decided to review an organic European wine: for those aligning heart-healthy habits with sanity and consumption. The Rosso Piceno Superiore Monteprandone is an organic, Italian Sangiovese blend that is both dense and well-aligned….or balanced.

foto_479_52136Vineyard:  Vigna Monteprandone, Italy
Year: 2008                 

Alc: 13.5%
Price: Reasonably priced at $17 USD!

Prescription: “In the spirit of the whole, “New Year: New Me” thought process, I will NOT eat all 3 chocolate bars. I will have only one to go with my 2 glasses of organic wine and 1 episode of reality TV. 

My husband and I plucked this one over a NY Strip Steak dinner and it paired VERY nicely. My date described it as “meaty” and I know he wasn’t describing the dinner; he sure as schnapps better not have been talking about me either.

See Jane see: The color is a nice red.
See Jane Swirl: Long legs that stick around for a while. Think Katie Holmes.

See Jane Smell: Very fragrant nose of plums, vanilla, black cherries, and spices.

See Jane Sip:  Dark fruit hits first…plums and cherries. An interesting and satisfying blend.
See Jane Swallow:  Balanced and full-bodied with a long finish.

Rating: In the spirit of realignment into the organic world, I would rate this 3.75 out of 5 kids driving me to drink this worthy.

Pairing: with a meaty date, peanut butter cup(s), moderation, and that 2012 alignment.


Janna is a professional parent of three girls ages 6, 4, and 1. Prior to earning an income of macaroni necklaces and bead bracelets, she was a teacher and field hockey coach. She was also employed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board where her love for wine was uncorked. She knows enough about wine to differentiate between a cheap price tag and a great buy, but there is so much more she wants to learn. Janna loves Facebook, reality TV, reading, baking, and dancing. She will also rip off her left arm rather than miss a Girls Night Out.

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