Review: Fess Parker “Station Pinot Noir 2010” and “2010 Santa Barbara County Riesling”

Vintage: Pinot Noir – 2010; Riesling – 2010

Alcohol percentage: Pinot Noir 13.8%; Riesling 2010

Found at: The California Wine Club

I admit it.  I make a terrible single mom.  I like to think I have it all goin’ on.  I can organize and plan like a Daytimer Planner, but at the end of the day, I find that I don’t like being alone.  My husband travels a bit for work, and sometimes my only contact with him while he is gone is a 2.5 minute satellite phone call once a day.  So, it’s hard to try and take him to task over the overlooked laundry or lawn mowing, or the gas can he should have returned to a neighbor before he took off for a few coordinates on a chart in the middle of the Atlantic.

Enter my new friend Parker Station.

Why, hello Parker Station Pinot Noir, it’s very nice to meet you!  What’s that you say?  Well yes, actually I did have a bad day!  It all started when I misjudged the school bus by 2 measly minutes.  Sure, I would LOVE a glass of wine!  Thank you for offering.  Mmm, did you say you were from Santa Barbara?  I love wines from Santa Barbara!  I also love a pinot noir that is more fruit forward than earthy, and you seem to fit that bill.  Did I mention that you smell nice?  An aroma of plums and cherries and a touch of spice is what I noticed.  Ahh…I do like a nice medium bodied red.  Yes, you definitely taste as good as you smell, and after the day I had, I am happy you are here!  A nice pleasant glass of pinot noir, both round and balanced on the palette, with fruity spice undertones.  Maybe there was a touch of oak, but so little I barely noticed.   Thanks for joining me!

The Parker Station Pinot Noir lasted until Wednesday night of “Hell Week” and had staying power.  I would have finished it off sooner, but with no relief in sight, I was on duty and had to stay on top of things.

Moving on, how many nights in a row can I serve rotisserie chicken, canned corn and powdered mashed potatoes before my kids start to complain?  The answer is three.  Three nights in a row before my oldest asks if he can make himself a frozen mac and cheese. I work full time, and if you tack on 47 minute commute each way, I am left with about 7 minutes to plan and produce dinner on a weeknight.  This is why I would be a failure as a full time single mom.  Because my kids would starve after day three!  It was on this night that I chose to try the Fess Parker 2010 Riesling.  I was a bit concerned about this selection, as I am not a Riesling fan.  But, I had finished off the Parker Station Pinot already, so I chilled it and gave it a shot.  The wine smelled of apricots and peaches, not super sugary sweet as I expected.  The label claimed “off dry” and again, not as I expected.  It was exactly as advertised.  A hint of residual sugar, not quite enough to categorize the wine as sweet.  I felt like this wine smelled sweeter than it actually tasted.  It finished similar to a piece of crisp honeydew melon would.  Not overpowering with sweet flavors, but a hint of fruit and floral that was definitely a surprise to me.  I would drink this wine again, but I would want to pair it with a food that would make it stand out.   Not sure that the potato buds and chicken did the trick.  To all you single moms out there, whether by choice or circumstance, I raise my glass to you all!  Cheers!

Becky RT is a mother, wife, and a friend. She is married to Peter Pan and has two perfect sons; Buddy, age 16 and Mr. Pants, age 5. She enjoys multitasking, doing laundry, paying bills, keeping her boys focused and loading the dishwasher a certain way. She can wipe noses, pack lunches, vacuum and read her blackberry with the greatest of ease. Becky is currently the inventory manager for a wine distributor, but does not drink on the job. (ok, well, maybe every once in a while…)

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