Review: Louis Bouillot’s Perle D’Aurore Sparking Rose

Whining Down


What is red and white and green all over?  My recycling bin of empty wine bottles.

December is a month of consumption, and the meat of a season I call, “Wineter”; in which every occasion seems to contain the phrase:  “it will go nicely with some wine.” Observe:

“I cannot wait for dinner to finish microwaving. It will go nicely with some wine.”

“Honey… ‘Christmas Vacation’ is cued up on the dvr. It will go nicely with some wine!!”

“Shoot. This shirt looked much better in the store, but I don’t have time to take it back before the party. I’m cool with it, though. This wine goes nicely with defeat and time crunches.”

There is one situation, in particular, that usually calls for some wine/laptop pairing; especially during this artistically and creatively challenging month: Pinterest.

Don’t get me wrong…I love Pinterest!  But moms…please. I beg you. Can we all make a pact right here; right now to never, EVER, tell our husbands/ signif others about Pinterest??!! If they catch even a glimpse of the magic that could be stuffed in their stockings year to year; day-to-day…we are screwed. It’s bad enough that I have NO clue how to properly fold bed sheets or make a decent pot of coffee (those crappy little granules — which I call coffee bonuses—always find their way through the filter)…now I run the risk of him discovering that people can make really dope stuff out of stuff that they already own???!!! No. I can’t let that happen. He must never know that women paint their own toes and make colorful meals…plated like Bobby Flay… for their families.

And so, I raise my glass of Louis Bouillot’s Perle D’Aurore Sparkling Rose, and propose a toast. Repeat after me, “May our men never know about ‘infusion’ of foods…or foods that sound like dessert (pasta with truffle sauce), and may our children understand that hot chocolate does not need a marshmallow snowman garnish and that crayons do not need to be melted to make something else, for any reason, ever.

Vineyard:   Burgandy, France

Year:  n/a

Alc: 12%

Price: $15.99 USD!

Diagnosips:  Although my previous review was also a Pinot Noir, I decided to add some sparkle to this deliciously fabulous grape. You can add a touch of Pinterest DIY and float a raspberry in the glass, and Bam! Fancypants.


Louis Boulliot is somewhat of a ‘bubble expert’ in the field of sparkling wines. The Louis Boulliot Company has been producing wines for over 130 years and has won many awards and medals for their attention to handling and production of Cremants de Bourgogne (sparkling wines). The Perle D’Aurore Rose is made with 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Gamay grapes, and is a Brut. The tingling at your nose is 100% all you.

See Jane see: The color is a fizzy pink.

See Jane Swirl:  Legs are thin, pinkish, and quick.  Think Julie Bowen as a ballerina in the “Nutcracker”.

See Jane Smell:  Aromas of strawberry and raspberry.

See Jane Sip:  A cool bubble bath of strawberry, raspberry, and currant.

See Jane Swallow:  Surprisingly light with a smooth; off dry finish.

Rating: Who doesn’t love a fizzy lifting drink with a fruit garnish floating in it like some sort of Berry Alcquairum!  I’d rate it 4 out of 5 kids driving me to drink this worthy.

Pairing:  Faahh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh… The Louis Boulliot Rose is a perfect pairing to stoke that hot mess inside us all…while walking in a Pinterless Wonderland… in that TERRIBLE shirt that looked so fierce in the store.



Janna is a professional parent of three girls ages 6, 4, and 1. Prior to earning an income of macaroni necklaces and bead bracelets, she was a teacher and field hockey coach. She was also employed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board where her love for wine was uncorked. She knows enough about wine to differentiate between a cheap price tag and a great buy, but there is so much more she wants to learn. Janna loves Facebook, reality TV, reading, baking, and dancing. She will also rip off her left arm rather than miss a Girls Night Out.