Silicon Mom: I have a Crush on Justin Bieber

My name is Sarah (hi Sarah) and I have a crush on Justin Bieber.

Not a romantic crush, mind you.  There is none of that going on around here, at least on my part (my six year old, Princess, may have a romantic crush, but I do not).  I don’t even know or like his music.

No, what I have is a mom crush.  If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s because I made it up.  A mom crush is when you admire a child (or, ok, a young adult) so much that you kind of envy the kids’ parents.  Well, envy isn’t even really accurate—you just imagine how proud they are and imagine that you’d be proud of one of your kids turned out that way.

I admit it—I see the Beebs on Ellen and he seems so grounded and respectful and he does such nice things for charities that I think, “what a nice kid.”  And just for a second, I kind of wish I was his mom.  Not because he’s famous, but because he seems like a good kid.  Um, excuse me, young man.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I get mom crushes frequently.  Sometimes they’re on friends of my children, but more often they’re on older kids—kids I look at and think, “you know, if Princess and Caveman turned out like that, I’d be ok with it.”  Our babysitter, for example, who is responsible and smart and respectful and creative.  Older children of my friends.  Kids on viral YouTube videos who have done something amazing for their communities.

Yeah.  I have mom crushes, including one on Justin Bieber.  I hope this doesn’t lose me whatever street cred I had left.  Assuming I had any left to begin with . . .



Sarah is obviously in love with chaos, as she has actively sought it since her daughter “Princess” was born in 2006. A cross-country move when Princess was four months old landed her back in the Silicon Valley, where her computer geek husband, Hubby 1.0, could dwell with his kind. In 2007, she decided to go to graduate school, which she’s completing as slowly as possible. When her son, “Caveman,” arrived in the fall of 2008, life just got more entertaining. An aspiring librarian, Sarah is often found at story time bribing Caveman to pay attention with granola bars and goldfish. She’s also on a quest to find a haircut that requires absolutely no styling and still looks good on those days when a shower just doesn’t happen. In her spare time, she picks up toys, does laundry, cooks, checks facebook obsessively, submits photos to “$*%# my Kids Ruined,” and organizes play dates with a great group of moms who keep her sane.