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AnnD lives in Ohio, but grew up in New Jersey. She is the mom of two teens: 20 year old Waldo who goes to college, and 17 year old Tizzle who pretty much rules the home front. She also mothers a Maltese named Chloe, a Malshi named Rory and a 51 year old husband who has a name too. Twenty-six years ago, she began her working journey as a television news producer…and cannot tell you how happy she is that the journey has finally led to writing about wine from home and letting the dog in and out all day. AnnD considers a great evening to include a fire in the fireplace, a big glass of wine and a good book in hand. Read about her winey journeys through life at The Winey Mom

Review: 19 Crimes Red Wine


Who: 19 Crimes What: Red wine (blend, 13% ABV) When: 2012 Where: Australia Why: Because this wine is no crime. How: You’ve got to love a wine that celebrates the founding of a nation by criminals. But back in the late 1700’s, that’s exactly how Australia was born. Seems there were 19 different crimes that could get you transported (via creaky boat) to England’s penal colony. … [Read more...]

Review: Layer Cake Shiraz


Who: Layer Cake What: Shiraz (14.5%) When: 2010 Where: South Australia Why: What did you not understand about the word “cake”? How: I am a sucker for cake. I simply cannot resist it. Especially the icing. And if that icing happens to be white buttercream on fresh white cake? Forget it. I’m a goner. Ice cream? Nah – easy to pass up. Chocolate? It has to be milk chocolate and … [Read more...]

Review: Banrock Station Shiraz


Who: Banrock Station What: Shiraz (13% ABV) Where: South Eastern Australia When: 2011 Why: Because Australia has Australia Day, that’s why! How: As I sit here in a very chilly suburb in Ohio, USA, I can’t help but think about the fact that it is summer down under in Australia. Yes, summer. That wonderful time of year when you can leave the house without taking 20 minutes to … [Read more...]

Review: Bob’s Your Uncle Wines


Who: Bob’s Your Uncle What: Bob White (12.5%) and Bob Red (13%) When: NV (in other words, “they didn’t say”) Where: South Africa Why: Because even beer drinkers deserve wine. Sometimes. If they’ve been very, very good. The first thing I should warn you about these wines is that you may very well pass them by thinking they are beers. I nearly did. Just look at them: … [Read more...]

Review: Matua Sauvignon Blanc


Who:  Matua What: Sauvignon Blanc When: 2012 Where: New Zealand Why: Because “wines on a train” makes sipping even more fun. (Can you believe it?) How:  I have to hand it to my friends, they come up with some wonderful outing ideas. And this one may just take the cork (not the cake, this IS a wine review after all). Last month I got a call from a college buddy who wanted me to … [Read more...]

Review: Banrock Station Moscato and Pink Moscato


Who: Banrock Station What: Moscato (5.5%) and Pink Moscato (6%) When: 2011 and 2012 Where: Southeastern Australia Why: Because pink and white are such universally flattering colors, especially in wine glasses! I know that most people see the colors pink and white and think “baby shower for a baby girl”. But what runs through my mind is, “Oooh, a set of Moscato!” And that is … [Read more...]

Reviews: Robertson Chenin Blanc


Who:  Robertson Winery What: Chenin Blanc, 12.5% When: 2012 Where:  Robertson, South Africa Why:  Because I didn’t like the red. Ok, full disclosure here:  My first purchase of a Robertson Winery wine was the 2011 Shiraz, Mourvedre, Viognier blend. It did not go over well.  Although, I suppose if you like a lot of bacon flavors and an out of balance, flame throwing wine, you … [Read more...]

Review: Marquee Chardonnay


Who: Marquee Artisan Wines What: Chardonnay, 12.7% When: 2008 Where: Yarra Valley, Australia Why: Because I needed to get out of the heavy red wine rut! Does it ever feel at times like you get stuck in a rut when it comes to the type of wine you’re drinking? I’m sure we all realize that we tend to head towards nice, warming reds in winter and light, bright whites in summer. But … [Read more...]

Review: Big Woop White Wine

9160 White 08 Fr

Who: Big Woop What: White Wine (13%) When: 2009 Where: South East Australia Why:  Come on, they call it Big Woop! Do you need a reason? This wine comes from the Woop Woop Wine line. Apparently “woop woop” is an Aussie expression that means “somewhere in the middle of nowhere”. So that would make a big woop…… what happens to me when my GPS dies and I have to navigate by … [Read more...]

Review: Live-a-Little “Really Ravishing Red”


Who: Live A Little Really Ravishing Red What: Pinotage (South Africa’s signature red grape) (13.5% abv) When: NV Where: Western Cape, South Africa Why: Because who doesn’t want to live a little? I will freely admit that I sometimes am struck by a really fun wine label. Such was the case as I wandered through a local natural food store. Not a tiny store by any means. It’s huge! … [Read more...]