About Lisa

Lisa hails from Rhode Island, where she lives with her husband, son and daughter. In addition to writing, Lisa has worked as a drama teacher, swim instructor, museum interpreter, shopkeeper and professional organizer. (Well, not really, but once her mom's friend paid her $200 to clean our her basement.) Lisa's parenting philosophy can be summed up as, "What doesn't kill us will be great fodder for therapy later." You can find more of her musings at betterawittyfool.com.

Second Act: “And the Award Goes to….”

Last Sunday brought with it one of my favorite days of the year – Oscar Day!  The Academy Awards have long been sacred in my house; the day when I can live vicariously through the glamorous actors and actresses that I admire.  There were many years, growing up and into my young adulthood, when I would fantasize that I, svelte and glamorous, would walk the red carpet amongst the famous and … [Read more...]

Second Act: Five Signs

In the vast sea of the internet, one can find “authoritative” articles on just about any subject.  Who knew how to use mayonnaise to clean your furniture?  Are you aware of the 103 warning signals that your spouse is addicted to Dr. Who?  Up to speed on the best slow-cooker, gluten-free, pasteurized, kosher macaroni and cheese recipes? I am literally dizzy with all I should know, but … [Read more...]

Second Act: Confessions to Our Son on his Sixteenth Birthday:

I am writing this on the eve of your sixteenth birthday.  I have to admit this milestone has me feeling a little weepy and very sentimental.   I promise not to display any hysterical-like emotions within a 50-foot radius of your friends, per our contract.  However, here, in the safe confines of the Moms Who Need Wine (your future therapist will thank me for that one), I feel the need to … [Read more...]

Second Act: I Took My Big Butt to My High School Reunion and Here’s What Happened

I recently wrote of my dear high school drama club friends, and the fact that I was in the midst of organizing a reunion, bringing us all back together from points across the country.  In truth, there’s a little more to that story.  I have a long and challenging relationship with the whole reunion concept.  The fact of the matter is that, since high school, I’ve put on some serious … [Read more...]

Second Act: On Becoming a Drama Geek

This month, we are celebrating Kids and the Arts with our sponsor, KRIS Wines. KRIS and Americans for the Arts are teaming up to grant up to $25,000 to Arts Education programs in the U.S. Vote for your school today at www.facebook.com/kriswines. When I was first asked to write about the arts in our lives and the lives of our kids, I thought, “This will be a no-brainer”.  No one is ever … [Read more...]

Second Act: On Becoming My Parents

I’ve noticed a dark trend lately.   I’ve begun displaying certain behaviors.   Quirks, really.   Quirks that are strangely familiar.   Quirks that bring out distant memories of my youth; memories of annoyance or frustration, or sheer humiliation.  Quirks that I once swore I would never engage in.  And yet, as if surrounded by some geriatric vortex, I find myself getting sucked in. I … [Read more...]

Second Act: An Open Letter to the Boy Who May or May Not Some Day Break My Daughter’s Heart

Hey there, son.  You don’t know me, but you are friends with my daughter at school.  And by “friends” I mean she has a crush on you.  And apparently you have a little crush on her, because one day, out of the blue, she informed me that the two of you were going “out”. Better pull up a chair and a juice box, friend.  We might be here a while. First, we should get this whole … [Read more...]

Second Act: Where’s My Pomp and Circumstance?

Ah, June - the season of graduations.  The ceremonial completion of a hard job well done.  A pat on the back and the handing off of a piece of paper that says, “Congratulations – we recognize that you now have an accomplished level of knowledge in your field.  You are prepared.  You can relax a little.”  For nearly every job one might hope to get, there is some kind of prep; a degree, a … [Read more...]

Second Act: Yes, I’m One of THOSE Parents.

There are many things I’ve learned about myself since becoming a parent. I’ve learned how long I can go without showering.  I’ve learned just how far I’m willing to lower my culinary standards. But the lesson that has surprised me the most?  How much I love being a sports parent. I was not an athletic kid; in my youth you would have found me onstage with the other drama geeks, or … [Read more...]

Second Act: My Small Victories—A Parenthood Sweep

This month, Bota Box is helping Moms Who Need Wine everywhere celebrate our small victories. Afterall, when you’re a busy Mom, every little thing counts.  The hub and I used to enjoy a game show called “Supermarket Sweep” – perhaps you remember it as well? In the show, contestants would compete against one another to see who can, in a frenzied race up and down grocery store aisles, … [Read more...]