Yours Mine and Theirs: Oh, the Emptiness…

It started in the bathroom. Upon waking I had to pee so bad, I was having third trimester flashbacks. Maybe it was too much caffeine, or maybe it was the last glass of wine before bed, but I had to go. The sweet relief of release was tainted by the empty toilet paper roll staring back at me from the spindle. No back-up rolls, either. Ugh. Thankfully, I’ve trained hard for the Drip-Dry event … [Read more...]

Three in the Bed: Or, make that Four in the Bed.

I have often dedicated blog space to my immense fear of scorpions. If you aren't in the southwest you may find my concern odd—much the same way I don't understand your worry of driving through a snowstorm or fear that the winter season is now October through April. For those of us living sans-snow, our trade-off appears to be a willingness to live with a vile little creature with a horrible … [Read more...]

Three in the Bed: How to Turn Brown Green

----------------------------------------------- Today's post is sponsored by Trinity Oaks. In 2008, Trinchero Family Estates partnered with the non-profit group Trees For The Future and made a commitment to plant one tree for every bottle of Trinity Oaks wine sold.  Since then, we have planted over 10,000,000 trees together helping to change lives around the world.  Our commitment to the … [Read more...]

Three in the Bed: Presents or Presence?

There is no shortage of birthday party invites making their way into my kid’s bags. Over the years we have been to all sorts of parties: pirate parties and princess parties and it seems we’ve been to every venue from bowling alleys to bounce houses. Recently however, my son Pookie brought home an invite with a twist I had not seen before, printed at the bottom it stated, “No Presents … [Read more...]

Three in the Bed: Is Friendship Magic?

My daughter Sun-Bun loves My Little Pony, and when I say love, I mean love in that sort of way that if it were possible for her to climb into the television and transport herself to the pony land of Equestria, I’m pretty sure she’d draw a cutie-mark on her behind and blow me a quick kiss good-bye. Sun-Bun is six and fortunately, many other girls at her school also enjoy the show. Sun-Bun has … [Read more...]

Three in the Bed: 12 Days of Christmas – Revisited

I’ve always enjoyed the song 12 Days of Christmas; it’s a classic and easier to sing than Little Drummer Boy (ba rump a dum dum?). However, the song is long due for an update as I’ve never seen a partridge or for that matter, a pear tree, and if I had eight maids at my disposal, I can assure you, I wouldn’t waste their time milking. Here’s my thought on an update: On the first day … [Read more...]

Three in the Bed: The Real Horror of Halloween

I am so ready for Halloween to get here and not because I’m a big fan of it – although I do rate it above Valentines Day if only for the variety of candy options beyond boxed chocolates. I’m ready to get Halloween over with because I’m tired of seeing plastic pumpkins mixed in the same aisle as stuffed Santas and I’ll be relieved when the last witch is wrapped up and we can all begin our … [Read more...]

Three in the Bed: Sickness and Chaos

I’m sick. This is a change from my usual rant of I’m sick and tired as in, “I’m sick and tired of making nut-butter sandwiches.” Presently I’m sick with a yucky cold and laryngitis. Well, I’m sick as much as Moms are permitted to be sick. It takes a lot for Moms to be excused from Mom duties. I’ve known Moms who packed lunches while they were in labor, Moms with the stomach flu who … [Read more...]

Three in the Bed: Playing With My Kids’ Food

I have a confession to make. I was going to put it in the Winesday Confessional but it was too odd, so I’ll share it here instead so I can elaborate a bit. I pack beautiful lunches for my kids. I know, it’s – weird. Well, you would think it was weird if you saw the state of my kitchen or me in my pajamas at 6am using a toothpick to carve a message into a banana for Sun-Bun. You might also … [Read more...]

Three in the Bed: My Life is a Sandwich and I am the Bologna

I am writing this post next to my Mom’s hospital bed. Three days ago she had open heart surgery. After two days in intensive care she is starting to recover. I am so grateful and proud of her strength and courage, if I ever attain half her resilience by age 74 I’ll have done well. Assisting my Mom through her recovery has put me in the middle of a sandwich: the needs of my aging parents are … [Read more...]