Review: Donna Anita Arneis 2013

Whining Down: Is my Beaver Busy or Productive? Over the past 2 months, when someone has asked me the standard: “How are you?”, my answer is either “Good, but tired!” or “Good…just really busy.” I hate that….or as we try to say in my house, “I have strong feelings about that.” Not only is it passively provoking a follow-up discussion as to why I’m so tired and busy (which … [Read more...]

Sponsored Post: Gnarly Head Authentic Black


Ah, Fall. The hot summer days have passed and there is a chill air. OK, in some parts more than a chill—there was ice on my windshield this morning. *sigh* That means my favorite crisp summer Whites are being tucked into hibernation. I will miss you, you citrus-y glasses of deliciousness that kept me company out on the deck while the kids ran around like complete maniacs on a popsicle high … [Read more...]

Sponsored Post: Trinity Oaks Pinot Noir


Maybe the fact that your kid just sprinkled Baby Powder all over the living room sofa is all the excuse you need to buy a bottle of wine. Mother-in-law dropped by unexpectedly and stayed all day? Yep, another good one. Stepped on a Lego? Two year old swallowed a Lego? Legos have taken over your entire first floor? All good reasons. But we have a better one: Buy a bottle of wine and help save … [Read more...]

Review: 2011 Domaine Chenevieres Chablis Les Grandes Vignes


Whining Down Happy Renew Year! If I go by Facebook friends, I’d say about 8% have already ‘failed’ in the resolution department (and I also join that group because I said I wouldn’t make up statistical data in 2014).  Most of my evidence is based on excessive food pictures and motivational quotes about the health benefits of beer (which my husband is posting)…and then there are … [Read more...]

Sponsored Post: KRIS Pinot Grigio

KRIS PG_New Label_No Vintage

Mention the word "Italian" and most women swoon. Italian food. Italian leather. Italian stallions men. But nothing will make a girl's heart skip a beat more than the words “Italian wine.” And with good reason. Case in point: KRIS Pinot Grigio. You've probably seen it on the shelves of your favorite wine-buying location. It's the one with the green hand print on the label and the gold foil … [Read more...]

It’s Picnic Season… Don’t Forget the Wine!


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Sponsored Post: Bandit Chardonnay


There are some places where (no matter how much you want to) you can never bring a bottle of wine. Like a PTA meeting for example. Never a good idea. Then there are other places where you may THINK you can never bring a bottle of wine—because it's just not practical. Like on a hiking trip. Or to the beach. (Or when you go running and screaming from the house into the woods.) But while it's … [Read more...]

Featured Wine: The Show Cabernet

The Show 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon LO Res Bottle Shot

(The following is a sponsored post.) Last week we told you that you can judge a wine by it’s label—especially when it comes to wines like The Show. We told you how their big, bold Malbec matches their big, bold Hatch Show Print label. Well, the same holds true for their Cabernet Sauvignon. With a label designed to draw a crowd, the Three Thieves had to be sure that the wine inside would … [Read more...]

Featured Wine: The Show Malbec

The Show 2011 Malbec LO Res Bottle Shot

The following is a sponsored post. Yes, we know. Don't judge a book by its cover. Or a wine by its label. But let's face it… when you're standing in the wine store, looking for something new to try, and there are hundreds (thousands?) of bottles staring back at you, isn't it hard NOT to pay attention to the label? I mean, do you REALLY want to drink something with a dancing rooster on … [Read more...]

Wine and Candy Pairing #4


The following post is sponsored by Gnarly Head Wines. Each week in October, we’ll be matching one of their varietals with a classic Halloween candy. After all, you’re going to need a game plan to get rid of the leftovers after the trick-or-treaters have gone home (or for raiding your little darlings’ take when they’ve gone to bed!) And Gnarly Head wines are just right for getting you in … [Read more...]