Review: Big Woop White Wine

9160 White 08 Fr

Who: Big Woop What: White Wine (13%) When: 2009 Where: South East Australia Why:  Come on, they call it Big Woop! Do you need a reason? This wine comes from the Woop Woop Wine line. Apparently “woop woop” is an Aussie expression that means “somewhere in the middle of nowhere”. So that would make a big woop…… what happens to me when my GPS dies and I have to navigate by … [Read more...]

Review: Oko Pinot Grigio


Whining Down: Life Particles A few weeks ago, my husband casually mentioned switching up the girls’ beds and moving our oldest to her own room. When I didn’t answer right away, he seemed confused as to why I checked out for, what seemed like hours but amounted to a second.  I took a cleansing breath, and gave him just the trailer of the giant Motion PITA he had implanted into my brain … [Read more...]

Review: Oreana Santa Ynez Valley “Tilly” 2008 and Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 2010

Wine:  Oreana Santa Ynez Valley “Tilly” 2008; Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 2010 Vintage:  Red: 2008; Chardonnay: 2010 Alcohol percentage: Red: 13.8%; Chardonnay: 13.8% Found at: The California Wine Club My imaginary boyfriend cheated on me.  Yes, it’s true.  Here is the worst part.  He cheated on me with my friend Sara.  I didn’t know he even knew her???  She lives … [Read more...]

Sponsored Post: Bandit Chardonnay


There are some places where (no matter how much you want to) you can never bring a bottle of wine. Like a PTA meeting for example. Never a good idea. Then there are other places where you may THINK you can never bring a bottle of wine—because it's just not practical. Like on a hiking trip. Or to the beach. (Or when you go running and screaming from the house into the woods.) But while it's … [Read more...]

Review: Pietra Santa Pinot Grigio and Sangiovese


Wine:  Pietra Santa Pinot Grigio; Pietra Santa Sangiovese Vintage: Pinot Grigio 2010; Sangiovese 2009 Alcohol percentage: Pinot Grigio – 13.6%; Sangiovese – 14.5% Found at: The California Wine Club Spring has finally sprung!  The crocuses have poked through the ground, and the threat of major snowstorms is no longer a popular topic.  I am so done with the snow.  I know a few … [Read more...]

Review: Saget Peres & Fils Chenin Blanc


Whining Down Little Wins: And the Momblet goes to…. “Poop and poop and poop and poop…poop and poop and YEEHAW!!!!”  That sentence right there is a little ditty that my husband and I made up during potty training. It comes with some clapping and knee slaps, but that’s not really making it sound cooler so I’ll just stop trying. This is just one of the MANY things I never thought … [Read more...]

Review: Angeline Merlot Reserve and Angeline Chardonnay


Wine:  Angeline Merlot Reserve 2011;  Angeline Chardonnay 2011 Vintage:  Merlot 2011; Chardonnay 2011 Alcohol %:  13.9% for both Found at:  The California Wine Club Warning: Whining ahead!  This wine review might contain a complaint or two.  You might think, oh poor you!  You have to drink wine and write a few sentences about it…I am gonna be straight up honest:  Sometimes, … [Read more...]

Review: Daniel Gehrs Merlot and Chenin Blanc


Wine:   Daniel Gehrs Merlot; Daniel Gehrs Chenin Blanc Vintage: Merlot- 2009; Chenin Blanc- Alcohol percentage: Merlot- 13.6% Found at: The California Wine Club I will admit, I am not the first one to follow a trend.  When I was younger, I always seemed to get in on things, on the way out.  Remember CB jackets?  My mom bought me “last year’s model” about 2 years after … [Read more...]

Review: Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc


Who: Cupcake Wine What: Sauvignon Blanc (13% abv) When: 2010 Where: Marlborough, New Zealand Why: Hello? Cupcake (cake + frosting). You don’t need to ask “why?”  ‘Nuff said. How:  My son had been away for 6 weeks. I know he’s a big college boy now and can take care of himself, but dang it, I miss that kid when he’s gone. (I also miss his 6’3” height that keeps … [Read more...]

Review: Riesling

Who: What: Riesling (11.5%) When: 2009 Where: Marlborough, New Zealand Why:  Because you can have your wine and help the environment, too. I must admit to being rather lax when it comes to my concerns over the environment.  Most of my atmospheric musings these days center around whether or not my varsity soccer player’s shin guards are sending off toxic fumes from the … [Read more...]