Review: Vicente Gandia Verdejo (Organic)


Whining Down: Wishful Drinking Dear New School Year, Yeah….we’re back; but just barely. I know we had all summer to get ready, and I had every intention to do so, but we aren’t. Let’s start with school supplies. I miraculously secured felt chisel tip pens in bold. My oldest went ahead and tested one on her bicep, so it is slightly used and even slightlier washable. I forgot to get … [Read more...]

Review: Corkscrew Wines

Wine:  Corkscrew Wines 2007 Merlot; 2010 Chardonnay; 2007 Syrah Vintage: Merlot 2007; Chardonnay 2010; Syrah 2007 Alcohol percentage: Merlot 13.6%; Chardonnay 14.5%, Syrah 13.5% Found at: The California Wine Club No one ever told me it would be this hard. We dropped our oldest son off for his freshman year of college this past weekend. There was plenty of talk about how great it would be, … [Read more...]

Review: Banrock Station Moscato and Pink Moscato


Who: Banrock Station What: Moscato (5.5%) and Pink Moscato (6%) When: 2011 and 2012 Where: Southeastern Australia Why: Because pink and white are such universally flattering colors, especially in wine glasses! I know that most people see the colors pink and white and think “baby shower for a baby girl”. But what runs through my mind is, “Oooh, a set of Moscato!” And that is … [Read more...]

Review: Selby 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2012 Chardonnay

Wine:  Selby 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon; Selby 2012 Chardonnay Vintage:  Cabernet Sauvignon: 2011; Chardonnay: 2012 Alcohol percentage: Cabernet Sauvignon: 13.8%; Chardonnay: 13.8% Found at: The California Wine Club As I tumble into August, I look back and wonder when I can relax and enjoy my summer.  July is such a build-up and August is such a let-down.  We had to turn our A/C off … [Read more...]

Reviews: Robertson Chenin Blanc


Who:  Robertson Winery What: Chenin Blanc, 12.5% When: 2012 Where:  Robertson, South Africa Why:  Because I didn’t like the red. Ok, full disclosure here:  My first purchase of a Robertson Winery wine was the 2011 Shiraz, Mourvedre, Viognier blend. It did not go over well.  Although, I suppose if you like a lot of bacon flavors and an out of balance, flame throwing wine, you … [Read more...]

Review: Lucas & Lewellen Estate Vineyard Riesling 2011; Lucan & Lewellen Estate Vineyard Merlot 2010


Wine:  Lucas & Lewellen Estate Vineyard Riesling 2011; Lucan & Lewellen Estate Vineyard Merlot 2010 Vintage:  Riesling: 2011; Merlot: 2010 Alcohol percentage: Riesling: 14.0%; Merlot: 13.5% Found at: The California Wine Club  Did you ever feel like you were drowning but you were not under water?  I have never sucked that much water into my lungs, but if I did, I bet it … [Read more...]

Review: Marquee Chardonnay


Who: Marquee Artisan Wines What: Chardonnay, 12.7% When: 2008 Where: Yarra Valley, Australia Why: Because I needed to get out of the heavy red wine rut! Does it ever feel at times like you get stuck in a rut when it comes to the type of wine you’re drinking? I’m sure we all realize that we tend to head towards nice, warming reds in winter and light, bright whites in summer. But … [Read more...]

Review: Big Woop White Wine

9160 White 08 Fr

Who: Big Woop What: White Wine (13%) When: 2009 Where: South East Australia Why:  Come on, they call it Big Woop! Do you need a reason? This wine comes from the Woop Woop Wine line. Apparently “woop woop” is an Aussie expression that means “somewhere in the middle of nowhere”. So that would make a big woop…… what happens to me when my GPS dies and I have to navigate by … [Read more...]

Review: Oko Pinot Grigio


Whining Down: Life Particles A few weeks ago, my husband casually mentioned switching up the girls’ beds and moving our oldest to her own room. When I didn’t answer right away, he seemed confused as to why I checked out for, what seemed like hours but amounted to a second.  I took a cleansing breath, and gave him just the trailer of the giant Motion PITA he had implanted into my brain … [Read more...]

Review: Oreana Santa Ynez Valley “Tilly” 2008 and Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 2010

Wine:  Oreana Santa Ynez Valley “Tilly” 2008; Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 2010 Vintage:  Red: 2008; Chardonnay: 2010 Alcohol percentage: Red: 13.8%; Chardonnay: 13.8% Found at: The California Wine Club My imaginary boyfriend cheated on me.  Yes, it’s true.  Here is the worst part.  He cheated on me with my friend Sara.  I didn’t know he even knew her???  She lives … [Read more...]