View from the Empty Nest: Reach Out and Touch Somebody. But Not Literally.

Sherry Turkle is an MIT professor who has written a number of books. She began as a real fan of social media. Oh, gosh. Some of you may not know what that is. Facebook you know about, right? Well, that is one social media platform. There are HUNDREDS. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Tsu, Reddit. The list goes on and on. Millions of us—maybe billions of us, use social media every day. … [Read more...]

Review: Clos Pegase Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot

Wine:   Clos Pegase Merlot; Clos Pegase Sauvignon Blanc Vintage:  Merlot- 2009; Sauvignon Blanc -2012 Alcohol percentage:  Merlot – 14.5%; Suavignon Blanc- 14.4% Found at: The California Wine Club Well, the holiday season is in full swing, which means, it is WINE DRINKING SEASON!  Actually, when isn’t it WINE DRINKING SEASON???  I recently made the switch … [Read more...]

100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids


Toothpaste Lego® Mixels Baseball Cards Hair elastics $5 iTunes® Gift Card Colored Pencils Pencil sharpener Glue Sticks Fuzzy Socks Chapstick Stretchy Gloves Bouncy Balls Glitter Sharpies (why do kids love Sharpies so much?) Rainbow Loom bands Cheap Sunglasses Coupons (extra screen time, day off from … [Read more...]

Review: 2Up Shiraz


Who: 2Up What: Shiraz (14% ABV) When: 2013 Where: Australia Why: Because everyone needs a guilty pleasure. There are people who love fall for the crisp weather and the gorgeous leaf show Mother Nature puts on. And while I’m all about the pretty colors, I look forward to fall because I know that soon, very soon, there will be a new season of Grey’s Anatomy. I know, I know. … [Read more...]

25 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Moms


Mom's stocking won't be hard to fill with these great ideas that come straight from the source! 1.) Coupons - do the dishes, no cooking, date night 2.) Chapstick 3.) Lip Gloss 4.) Teas 5.) Chocolate 6.) Fuzzy Socks 7.) Starbucks GC 8.) Scented Candles 9.) Post its 10.) Hair elastics 11.) Nail polish 12.) Nail files 13.) Nail Polish Remover 14.) Mini bath products 15.) Earplugs 16.) … [Read more...]

Observation of the Day:

Anyone else regretting the Elf on the Shelf decision? … [Read more...]

View from the Empty Nest: Wrong Number

Remember land lines? When the phone on your kitchen wall would ring, and you would answer it and talk to somebody? And that was it? You couldn’t see people’s lunch photos on it, or get a text message? Life was so much simpler then. Now, we feel compelled to stay in touch with everybody all the time. I think that the population of the world really needs to see the latest pictures of my … [Read more...]

Observation of the Day

Age 40 means chin hair. As if the wrinkles and muffin top weren't bad enough. … [Read more...]

Yours, Mine and Theirs: Sorry I’m Not Sorry My Kid Didn’t Get Her Homework Done

Dear Third Grade Classroom Teacher: Sorry I'm not sorry Curlytop didn't get her homework packet done. I know your weekly schedule is probably very busy, and finding time to make sure my daughter is completing her assigned work is probably pretty stressful. To add to your chaos level, you happen have the distinct misfortune of having me as one of your classroom parents. Not that I'm a total … [Read more...]

10 Last Minute DIY Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

This article is brought to you courtesy of Gnarly Head Wines. For more Halloween Fun, be sure to download the Gnarly Booth App and try a glass of their limited-release Authentic Black. Christmas Tree Wear a green top, green shorts or skirt and brown tights or leggings. Wrap yourself in battery-operated Christ lights and safety pin Christmas ornaments all over you. Where a Santa hat, angel, or … [Read more...]