Dearest Siri,

Now that we are BFFs, I just can’t tell you how much I love and admire you. You are so wise about so many things. I can ask you where to get sports bras at a discount. I mean, really. And I will never not know where the nearest Starbucks is. Whew.

We do need to talk, though. It’s about my husband. I think he is smitten, and I wish you would quit chatting with him so much. He doesn’t really need directions to anywhere—he was an Eagle Scout, for God’s sake, and he can read maps.

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An Open Letter to My Teenage Daughter

My dear moody teen,

You’ve been part of this family for nearly two decades, and I love you now every bit as much as I did when you were laid on my chest as a greasy, wrinkly newborn. While I’m not as blind now as I was then to your imperfections, I’m every bit as sure that you are truly wonderful. I know now what I could not have known then: you are an intelligent, talented, kind-hearted, wise soul with endless potential. You can be whatever—whoever—you want to be, and I want nothing quite as adamantly as I want you to be happy.

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Being a Mom means knowing how to secretly eat the snacks you just told your kids they couldn’t have.


Stuff to Read When You Lock Yourself in the Bathroom-Volume 7

Our favorite reads from around the ‘net for the week of August 3rd!

1.) How Finding a Babysitter is Like Dating

Pam Moore over at hit it on the head with this one. Selecting the perfect babysitter IS like selecting the perfect mate. Or maybe worse. She references all the different “types” you’ll find in the pool. We cringed at the description of the Heartbreaker:

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