One of life’s little ironies: to a kid in school, 9-3 feels like an eternity. To a Mom while kids are in school, 9-3 feels like a white hot minute.


I Should Have Majored in Homework

I have discovered yet another form of parenting torture.  Homework.

I used to have a sort of romantic notion of homework.  Cozy afternoons spent around the kitchen table as we drink hot chocolate and I help my children form the habits and organizational skills that will help them become successful adults.

Well, I’m over it.

Never in my life have I had to endure something that can simultaneously make me feel so stupid and at the same time test my patience to such a level that I’m trying to remember what happened to that Vicodin prescription from The Hub’s root canal last year.  This dual level of anguish is brought on by the fact that we have both a sixth grader and a second grader.  On the one hand we have the Monkey, whose math homework is beginning to resemble something I once saw on a tour of the Air and Space Museum.  On the other hand is the ladybug.  Sweet, sweet ladybug, who is taking her sweet sweet time learning to read and write.

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Review: Eos and Le Petit Coquerel from The California Wine Club

Who: Eos and Le Petit Coquerel (from the California Wine Club Wine Moms Series)

What: Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc

When: 2012 and 2011

Where: Paso Robles and Napa Valley

Why: Because back to school means my nest is empty again.

I’ll bet you’re thinking that this is going to be one of those “Oh woe is me…my children are gone and my nest is empty” posts, right? Because it IS a fact that every back-to-school time involves, for those of us with older children, a few long term good-byes. Our son is off on his career and our daughter is back for year two of college. So yes, my nest is empty. And FINE, I did cry when she left. Don’t let anyone fool you – saying goodbye year two is just as tough as year one. Maybe because you know what’s about to happen to your credit cards, but still, I found it hard.

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Linda and the No Good, Puffy, Cranky and Very Hormonal Day

This post was inspired by Judith Viorst’s book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, one of my favorites . . . since college.
This morning, I woke up and the laundry was piled something like up to the sky and I tried to find my favorite panties that don’t do that crawly thing but they were already mixed in with all of the other ugly underwear, so I had to wear my granny panties, and I hate my granny panties. “I’m having a bad day,” I said. “I think I’m a little hormonal.” But no one even listened.

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Video confirms that when the kids are too quiet, it usually means trouble.

You have two small kids at home and suddenly the house is blissfully quiet. You think to yourself “they are being so quiet! Should I be worried?” But then you remember that it’s the first time you’ve had peace and quiet for weeks. So you spend an extra minute or two checking Facebook. Or reading that magazine. Or folding laundry without interruption. And then, you find this:

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We have an App!

Pardon us as we interrupt our regularly-scheduled programming with some self-promoting information. But if you enjoy our page and our site, PLEASE read this AND share this. Then we’ll go back to the wine-y stuff. Promise.

Here’s the deal. You may not know that Facebook has this big fancy algorithm that determines which of our posts you get to see. That’s right. Chances are you DON’T see 75% of the content that we push out. (Don’t believe us? Swing by our page and see what you’ve missed in the last few days!)
So why is this? It’s because they are trying to make money. Can’t say we blame them. But frankly, because of the size of our audience we don’t have the kind of money that they are asking for. It’s like many thousands of dollars for us to “boost” one post to reach our whole audience. Yep, really. And, well… our kids want to go to college, and all.

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