Who Says Oreos Aren’t for Breakfast?

We are only two days into summer, and already I can feel my standards slipping.  Bedtime has gone out the window, the Monkey has already watched two PG-13 movies that he’s NEVER been allowed to see before, and, most notably, we’ve eaten Oreos for breakfast.

Oreos.  For Breakfast.

Now, while I’m lax about a lot of things, I do try to maintain some healthy influence over my children’s eating habits.  But something about summer makes poor choices easier to justify.   I try to ease my guilty conscience with a little game I like to call “Find the Food Groups”.

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Stuff to Read When You Lock Yourself in the Bathroom: Volume 2

We’ve trolled the internet and found the best things to keep you entertained for that 10 minutes of peace and quiet you may get—wherever and whenever it may be!

1.) 11 Harrowing, Hilarious True Stories from the First Year of Parenthood

If you have ever had a newborn (we’ll assume most of you have, since motherhood tends to start that way), then you’ll love this article by Danielle Campoamor on HuffPost Parents. Our favorite story is the one about the Mom who went back to work and fell asleep on the toilet. But they all made us giggle. A lot.

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Feedback Friday: Your Most Intriguing Comments from the Week of 6/22

Our readers always have as much great stuff to say as we do. (Usually more.) Here’s some of the best from this week:

We had a moment of nostalgia over a piece of fruit: “Back when I was a kid…watermelon had seeds.” #thegoodoledaysYou guys followed us right down memory lane:

(And we walked 5 miles to school in the snow back then, too. Right?)

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Review: Lobster Reef Sauvignon Blanc

Who: Lobster Reef – two bottles of it, actually

What: Sauvignon Blanc, 12.5%

When: 2014

Where: New Zealand

Why: Well, it took two bottles to get through this review. That’s why.

Normally, when I review a wine, I open the bottle with the express intent of taking notes and sniffing and swirling and sipping with a purpose. And I swear to you that’s how I started with my first bottle of this wine.

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