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Does anyone else hold their breath every time the phone rings during the school day—convinced it’s the school nurse calling!?!?


All week I think “I’ll get it done this weekend.” Then the weekend comes and I think “I’ll get it done next week.” It’s a problem.


One of life’s little ironies: to a kid in school, 9-3 feels like an eternity. To a Mom while kids are in school, 9-3 feels like a white hot minute.


Video confirms that when the kids are too quiet, it usually means trouble.

You have two small kids at home and suddenly the house is blissfully quiet. You think to yourself “they are being so quiet! Should I be worried?” But then you remember that it’s the first time you’ve had peace and quiet for weeks. So you spend an extra minute or two checking Facebook. Or reading that magazine. Or folding laundry without interruption. And then, you find this:

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