View from the Empty Nest: Just Your Average Joe

I read an article recently that made a lot of sense, and it also caused great relief. The gist of the article was that our common perception of what is “average” has been vastly inflated by the media. The result is that most of us think what is “normal” is actually far above it. Let me cite an example: Granite countertops. Whenever I watch HGTV, all the young couples looking for their … [Read more...]

View from the Empty Nest: Flu 101

Are you one of the few people in the US who hasn't had the flu yet? You might need some tips from the rest of us who have had it. Follow these, and perhaps your flu experience will be more pleasant and fulfilling! For heaven's sake, stock up on tissue. I find that the kind with the lotion is overrated. Your nose will get all chapped anyway. So: Stock up on Vaseline. Actually, this is an … [Read more...]

100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids


Toothpaste Lego® Mixels Baseball Cards Hair elastics $5 iTunes® Gift Card Colored Pencils Pencil sharpener Glue Sticks Fuzzy Socks Chapstick Stretchy Gloves Bouncy Balls Glitter Sharpies (why do kids love Sharpies so much?) Rainbow Loom bands Cheap Sunglasses Coupons (extra screen time, day off from … [Read more...]

25 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Moms


Mom's stocking won't be hard to fill with these great ideas that come straight from the source! 1.) Coupons - do the dishes, no cooking, date night 2.) Chapstick 3.) Lip Gloss 4.) Teas 5.) Chocolate 6.) Fuzzy Socks 7.) Starbucks GC 8.) Scented Candles 9.) Post its 10.) Hair elastics 11.) Nail polish 12.) Nail files 13.) Nail Polish Remover 14.) Mini bath products 15.) Earplugs 16.) … [Read more...]

Observation of the Day:

Anyone else regretting the Elf on the Shelf decision? … [Read more...]

Observation of the Day

Age 40 means chin hair. As if the wrinkles and muffin top weren't bad enough. … [Read more...]

10 Last Minute DIY Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

This article is brought to you courtesy of Gnarly Head Wines. For more Halloween Fun, be sure to download the Gnarly Booth App and try a glass of their limited-release Authentic Black. Christmas Tree Wear a green top, green shorts or skirt and brown tights or leggings. Wrap yourself in battery-operated Christ lights and safety pin Christmas ornaments all over you. Where a Santa hat, angel, or … [Read more...]

10 Fun and Easy DIY Halloween Kids Costume Ideas


This article is brought to you courtesy of Gnarly Head Wines. For more Halloween Fun, be sure to download the Gnarly Booth App and try a glass of their limited-release Authentic Black. 1.) "Carl" from the movie UP -wear a gray cardigan, bowtie, black-framed glasses -use a cane or walker -carry (or attach) a bunch of colorful balloons 2.) Clark Kent / Superman -Wear a pinstripe (or … [Read more...]

Sponsored Post: Gnarly Head Authentic Black


Ah, Fall. The hot summer days have passed and there is a chill air. OK, in some parts more than a chill—there was ice on my windshield this morning. *sigh* That means my favorite crisp summer Whites are being tucked into hibernation. I will miss you, you citrus-y glasses of deliciousness that kept me company out on the deck while the kids ran around like complete maniacs on a popsicle high … [Read more...]

Review: Hardy’s Stamp of Australia Shiraz


Who: Hardy’s Stamp of Australia What: Shiraz (13.5%) Where: South Eastern Australia When: 2012 Why: Because it’s September and I am STILL vacuuming up pine needles from LAST year’s Christmas tree. How: Admittedly, I will never win the medal for “Best House Cleaner”. And I am okay with that. I can think of so many other things I’d rather do than dust, vacuum, clean … [Read more...]